KHS Policies & procudures

Parents and Whānau

Kamo High School uses SchoolDocs to maintain a comprehensive, up-to-date, set of policies and procedures. These policies and procedures follow guidelines and legislation and best practice, and have been tailored for our school. For more information about SchoolDocs, see

The principal, board, and members of our school community all have access to SchoolDocs. The ‘Parents and Whānau’ section highlights information of particular interest to parents and whanāu. You can use the quick links to find information, or use Search to find information on the site. See the Navigation Quiz for tips on navigating the site, and a quiz to put your navigation skills to the test! To enter feedback on a policy you can click on the red icon with the magnifying glass located in the top right-hand corner. Login and continue to enter your feedback - then submit.

To access SchoolDocs as a parent/caregiver/whānau member, please click the "Sign In to SchoolDocs" button below:

username: kamohigh

password: together