Course confirmation: Monday 25 January (Year 12/13) and Tuesday 26 January (Year 11)

Students Yr 10-11 can view their timetable on the Kamar portal info at

If you wish to go directly to the portal use this link

It is possible that over the break senior students may have reflected on their course selection for 2021.

This could be due to a change in their intended career path or NCEA results indicate they may need to select another course.

It is important that senior students confirm their course of study by meeting with their Whanau Dean in our library on the following dates:

Monday 25 January - Year 12 and 13 from 10am to 3pm

Tuesday 26 January - Year 11 from 10am to 3pm

Student Timetables

Following a major upgrade to our Kamar server, student timetables are now available on the portal.  You can find information about accessing the portal on the Kamo High School website at   

If you wish to go directly to the portal use this link 

After you have logged into the portal click ‘Timetable’ and this will show the timetables for both student and Parent log ins, and your child’s attendance when school starts.

STUDENTS: Login using firstname.lastname and Kamar password

PARENTS/CAREGIVERS: Login using Student Username and Primary Password from Kamar (the school will shortly be emailing passwords for new users) If you have no password after next week, please email the school office at

Start of Year Information

25/26 Jan Enrolments continue -10am-3pm - book enrolment interviews through this link: