“The Essential Fluencies have nothing to do with hardware—they are about headware, and heartware!”

"" Global Digital Citizen Foundation. N.p., n.d. Retrieved Web. 22 May 2017.

A digitally fluent person can decide when to use specific digital technologies to achieve their desired outcome. They can articulate why the tools they are using will provide their desired outcome. At Kamo High School we encourage students to become confident, connected and active life long learners. We promote digital fluency and recognise that the use of digital technologies enables students to personalise their learning and extend that learning beyond the classroom.

A Digitally Fluent Student:

  • Knows where and how to find and access information quickly and accurately.

  • Can critique the relevance and accuracy of information being accessed.

  • Is an adept producer of digital content.

  • Can recognise and use the most effective methods of reaching their intended audience.

  • Understands and demonstrates how to use digital technologies responsibly including - digital security (self-protection), copyright.

Digital Citizenship Contract

All students receive:

  • A free G Suite account (Google Apps for Education)

  • Google Drive, Docs, Gmail, & Classroom and more.

  • Unlimited cloud storage for schoolwork.

  • An individual WIFI code for BYOD.

  • A managed Network 4 Learning WIFI connection.

KHS Student/Parent ICT Acceptable Use Policy

In our rapidly changing digital world, we want our young people to become creators and innovators of digital technologies, not just users.