One of the most important aspects of the students’ New Zealand experience is living with a Kiwi (New Zealander) homestay family.

We believe that if students are happy in their homestay, they will be happy at school.


The Kiwi lifestyle, particularly in Northland, will bring balance to your life of study. Learn and play with support from host parents, school and community. Enjoy the time for YOU, focus on what will develop you as a person as well as academic qualifications. Enjoy the friendly approach that Kiwi’s apply to living and learning.

Individual uniqueness or team participation, you can achieve both. The studies you undertake will be your choice. Kamo High School provides a general programme of education from (approximately) 9:00am to 3.30pm, special classes and sporting activities are provided outside of this time to assist high achievement and development of specialist skills.

New Zealand is a country of natural beauty, and our life styles support the enjoyment of nature. Many Host families live rural or semi-rural, surrounded by open grassland, native bush (trees), water ways and animals, even living in the urban areas there are walk ways available for public use through native bush reserves, and water ways.

Although Whangarei is not within walking distance to the open sea, it is located close to the coast and there are multiple beaches and salt water ways for pleasure or sporting activities. Experience the enjoyment of lying on white sand, bouncing in the surf waves or touring islands on a boat. Weekend pleasure or if studying over the summer, these are activities available during the long evenings of sunshine. If Host families are busy – the community spirit is strong and you would be welcome to enjoy this experience with school friends or like-minded community members. The school and Host family could coordinate this experience to suit the individual.


Many homes will be different to what you may be used to. Most homes in Whangarei are ground level, grass lawns, gardens, fruit trees, outdoor entertainment area, own bedroom, family room and separate dining area. The most important thing homestay families can provide though is inclusion into their family and a willingness to share cultures by…

  • treating student as if they were their own children

  • involving students in family conversations, activities, trips, etc.

  • helping students understand New Zealand customs and meet other Kiwis

Homestay accommodation is not the same as staying in a hotel and that the privilege of homestay families opening their home and welcoming them as a member of their family comes with some responsibilities. They are expected to…

  • be polite, considerate and to have high standards of behaviour in their homestay family

  • join in with some common household tasks

  • complete the study requirements of their schooling

Placement & Care

The International Manager is responsible for student placement, monitoring and support in homestays. It is important that information of personal interests, sporting and study requirements are expressed at the time of the application, this will assist in finding suitable match of students to host family.

Kamo High School tries not to host two students who speak the same first language together, this is to ensure that they converse in English to strengthen their language knowledge during their stay.

Homestay families are required to uphold the NZ Ministry of Education Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students to safeguard student wellbeing and safety.

The Manager will have reasonable access to the homestay families for the purpose of visiting and monitoring and will be available to support students and homestay families and are on call for emergency situations 24/7.

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