PARENT & Student Portal

The KAMAR Portal is intended for students, parents and teachers of schools using the KAMAR Student Management system, providing real-time access to student and teacher information. Using this application, users can view student information, including Timetables, photos, caregiver details, attendance, groups, daily notices, calendar and more.


STUDENTS: Login using firstname.lastname and Kamar password

PARENTS/CAREGIVERS: Login using Student Username and Primary Password from kamar (School has emailed passwords)

Use a web Browser to Access the KAMAR Portal

No Password? contact:

Install the KAMAR app on your smart device:

KAMAR - Android Apps on Google Play

KAMAR on the App Store on iTunes

Enter this server address into App settings:

Step by Step instructions for setting up Kamar APP

step 1 download and open app

step 2 click settings

step 3 click default

step 4 enter school name KHS

step 5 enter portal address

step 6 enter username and password

step 7 done/save

step 8 click settings again to return to main menu

step 9 click KHS to log in using the Login instructions on this page.