Student & PARENT Portal

The KAMAR application is intended for students, parents and teachers of schools using the KAMAR Student Management system, providing real-time access to student and teacher information. Using this application, users can view student information, including photos, caregiver details, attendance, groups, daily notices, calendar.

Install the KAMAR app on your smart device:

KAMAR - Android Apps on Google Play

KAMAR on the App Store on iTunes

Enter this server address into App settings:

OR: Use a web Browser to Access the KAMAR Portal

Step by Step instructions for APP

step 1 download and open app

step 2 click settings

step 3 click default

step 4 enter school name KHS

step 5 enter portal address

step 6 enter username and password

step 7 done/save

step 8 click settings again to return to main menu

step 9 click KHS to log in :)


STUDENTS: Login using Student Name and network password,

PARENTS/CAREGIVERS: Login using Username and Password (School has emailed passwords)

No Password? contact:

Address: PO Box 4137, 1 Wilkinson Avenue, Kamo, Whangarei 0141

Phone: +64 9 435 1688 Fax: +64 9 4350790


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