Board of Trustees - Members

The Board is accessible to any member of the community and contact is encouraged and welcomed.

You can do so by email to the Chairperson:

or the Principal's PA:

You can also leave a message at the school office on telephone 09-4351688.

The Kamo High School Board of Trustees is entrusted to work on behalf of all stakeholders and is accountable for the school’s performance. Its key focus is on strategic leadership, setting the vision for the school and ensuring that the school complies with legal and policy requirements.

  • Policies are at a Governance Level and outline clear delegation to the Principal.
  • The Board and Principal form the Leadership Team with the role of each documented a
  • The Principal reports to the Board as a whole, with committees used sparingly and only where a need is identified in order to contribute to Board Work
  • The Board is proactive rather than reactive in its decision making and does not involve itself in the administrative details of day to day running of the School
  • Enhancing student achievement is the Board’s focus. Board Composition and Membership

The current Board of Trustees at Kamo High School comprises five Trustees elected by the parent community at triennial elections every three years; a Staff Trustee elected by the Kamo High School staff every three years; and a Student Trustee elected by the students every year. The Principal is a member of the Board of Trustees as of right. Each newly elected Board may co-opt up to a maximum of four Trustees to the Board for a specific purpose and term.

The Board normally meets at 6pm on the last Thursday of the month, in the Jubilee Room at Kamo High School. The Meeting Schedule for 2019 is as follows:

· Thursday 31 January 2019 (Strategic Plan Focus)

· Thursday 28 February 2019

· Thursday 28 March 2019

· Thursday 2 May 2019 (Note: change of date due to Anzac Day being held on last Thursday in April)

· Thursday 30 May 2019

· Thursday 27 June 2019

· Wednesday 17 July 2019 (Special Meeting)

· Thursday 25 July 2019

· Thursday 29 August 2019

· Thursday 26 September 2019

· Thursday 24 October 2019 (Note: change of date due to ASB Sports Awards being held on last Thursday in October)

· Thursday 28 November 2019

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