Head Prefects

The Prefect team is selected from the Year 13 body of students. Students are selected from the group as Head Prefects whose job it is to lead the team. The Prefects take a lead role in organising school events and are our School Ambassadors and representatives at important occasions. They are an important group who lead the student voice at Kamo High School.

Junior Ambassadors

Junior Ambassadors are chosen each year by an application process and Whanau Dean selection. The Junior Ambassador programme allows Year 9 and Year 10 students to positively contribute and promote life at Kamo High School. Junior Ambassadors are called upon to be positive junior role models within both our school community and our wider community. While Junior Ambassadors display leadership and assist the prefect team, they also represent the school in collecting for local charity organisations, assist with open evenings and visits to contributing schools.

School Leaders

Leaders are often made, not simply born. At Kamo High School we are dedicated to sparking the leadership potential that is inside every young person through practical, inspirational and social opportunities.

There are specific opportunities in both the junior and senior school, as well as individual and group development at any year level, including:

  • Junior Ambassador
  • Paratahood
  • Student Support Centre Groups
  • Life changing sponsored voyages – R Tucker Thompson – The Spirit of Adventure
  • Whanau Council and Whanau Executive
  • Head Prefects and Prefects
  • School Leaders
  • Sports Captains
  • TeenAg
  • External leadership opportunities
  • Sports Coaching
  • Academic Coaching/Mentoring
  • Northland Youth Summit
  • Massey University (young Women’s Leadership
  • Whangarei Youth Advisors
  • Z Club

Leadership skills are also encouraged as an integral part of team sports, organisation within Key Competencies the Student Support Centre, Faculties and in our vertical Whanau structure.

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